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Whether you have a large house that's full of messy and destructive students, or a smaller property that you are tired of maintaining, we can make you an offer to guarantee your rent; handle all of your day-to-day maintenance and take of your tenant responsibilities.

Do you want guaranteed rents for your investment property?
  • You can receive rent every month and have no void periods for up to five years

  • You can get paid for full occupancy and not worry about non-paying tenants

  • You can sit back, relax and not have to look for new tenants or contact letting agents

  • You can give up the day-to-day landlord responsibilities, such as fixing leaking taps and blocked toilets

  • We can help you to upgrade the property if it needs some TLC

  • We can pay all of the utilities, council tax and other bills

  • You can move out of the student market and into the professional market

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What do you want from your property? 

Most landlords simply want a guaranteed income without
the daily hassles of managing tenants.

We can offer a quick, easy and reliable solution.